Travel Blog

Here is a list of travel reports and photo galleries I have created from various destinations around the globe.

22 April, 2023


12 days of clear sky, blue water, and some relaxing time on the Palm Jumeirah.

14 April, 2023


Join us on a deeply impressive journey through Nepal. From breathtaking views of the Himalayas to a tropical national park.

22 March, 2022

Egypt - Historic Tour

See the results of a stunning journey through Egypt where we visited beautiful mosques in Cairo, burial chambers in the Valley of the Kings, and famous temples.

8 August, 2021

Venice - Black and White

This was another very nice trip to Venice. Check out my first set of photographs that is fully monochrome.

22 March, 2020


Dubai was a great destination to escape the cold German winter. Once arrived, I took my camera and was heading for new locations that I haven't visited before.

19 October, 2019

Colombia - Sierra Nevada

An adventurous journey through Colombian cities, and a strenuous 4-day-long trekking tour through the rainforest of Colombia's Sierra Nevada.

29 June, 2019

New York City

My second time where I had two full weeks of photo walks across the streets of New York City.

22 October, 2017


I spent a week in one of the most spectacular and visionary cities in the world. Check out my photo gallery from this trip.

17 September, 2017


The city of Venice is a huge labyrinth, but I love getting lost in it with my camera.

9 October, 2016

New York City

To me, visiting New York City was an unforgettable experience. Every day was a discovery trip, and here is a gallery with some of my highlights.

28 February, 2016


Another adventure-packed journey, and another very colorful photo gallery.

30 July, 2015

Copenhagen and Stockholm

A very short trip to Denmark and Sweden - but there was a lot to discover.

30 March, 2015


One of the most exciting trips to Dubai, and one of the most vibrant photo galleries I have created.

16 August, 2014


Summer in Turkey - sounds like sun, nature, and photo walks.

9 March, 2014

Dubai and Abu Dhabi

My first visit to Dubai and Abu Dhabi - A truly unforgettable journey.