Sharing my fascination for photography, architecture, graphic design, and science.

Welcome to Exclusive Architecture! This website combines creativity and technology. Understanding how cameras and lenses really work will bring photography to the next level.

Take a closer look at what I do:


Check out the results of more than 16 years of photo walks through New York City, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and many other large cities. Get inspired by skylines, structures and sunsets.

Graphic Design

A collection of ultra-detailed artworks including high-resolution prints of iconic NYC skyscrapers, machinery, and more.

Technical Articles

Have you ever wondered how some everyday objects look on the inside, and how every component contributes to the overall functionality? In this area you may find some interesting articles that lift some secrets hidden inside modern devices. Check out dozens of easy-to-understand illustrations and explanations about how digital single-lens reflex cameras are able to capture stunning images, and how microchips process digital information.


Join me when I get my hands on some of the most advanced digital camera systems in the world. Exclusive Architecture has a history of testing Phase One cameras and equipment. Here is where I share the results with you.

Travel Blog

Get inspired by beautiful travel destinations across the world.